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just bought a giffgaff 5C and it came broken, I want my money back or a replacement what do I do?

Started by: katecolch
On: 03/08/2017 | 20:33
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by: katecolch
on: 03/08/2017 | 20:33

Hi, Just got a reconditioned phone from giffgaff, its an iphone 5c and it came last week

the charger came slighlty damaged and broke once i began using it

the phone itself only works about 15 minutes at best without the charger and cuts out when it reaches 50%

i would like a replacement or a refund but there is no info on this website about anything like whats happening to me


if there is an admin or someone who knows something please can you help me?



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by: nosheen_kabul
on: 03/08/2017 | 20:37
Hi @katecolch

If the phone you bought is faulty you can simply return hthe phone back to giffgaff for a repair/replacement. Please check out this guide on how to send a phone for a repair.

Also please check out this link
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by: chelseamaniac
on: 03/08/2017 | 20:41

You have 14 days to return it for a replacement or money back

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