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kakimy has a question about Top up

Started by: kakimy
On: 12/07/2018 | 22:51
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by: kakimy
on: 12/07/2018 | 22:51
I topped up my phone and received an email saying that my account is now topped up by £10 but when I *100# it says £0.00? What’s going on, what happened to my £10 top up?
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by: smiler121786
on: 12/07/2018 | 22:53
Did you buy a goodybag bundle? if so, Airtime credit and goodybags are two different things. A goodybag is not shown as balance instead it will be shown as a bundle on your My giffgaff page here . Next to the goodybag you will see the remaining allowances e.g text, data, minutes.

Your airtime balance is only updated if you buy airtime credit(pay as you go credit). Airtime credit is normal pay as you go credit that is usually used for calls and texts not included in goodybag allowances e.g. MMS(picture messages), 84, 087, 118 , International numbers.
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by: kakimy
on: 12/07/2018 | 22:55

It wasn’t a goody bag I paid for £10 airtime

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by: spacefrog
on: 12/07/2018 | 23:35


Have you checked your Order History here in My payments to see if the payment went through?

if you can see the £10 payment , it may have been used or eaten by mobile data usage, apps updating use it very fast.........

if you are using your phone with airtime credit then it will get used very quickly... its better for you to buy a goodybag here.... SIM-only plans

I would also advise that you go to your settings/mobile data and turn off all the apps that have free access to your mobile data as this will be the reason why you've used so much airtime credit in such a short time..... i usually only leave my browser and email enabled, as most of these data hungry apps will eat away your credit..... sorry to hear this anyway.... if you need to ask further questions i will be here........

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by: jt_21
on: 12/07/2018 | 23:38

kakimy wrote:

It wasn’t a goody bag I paid for £10 airtime


Ask the agent for assistance 


Direct link to ask an agent:

Please note: Our agents aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours. Replies from our agents can be read and responded to from

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by: pds01144
on: 13/07/2018 | 02:10

@kakimy  To be sure a goodybag was not added by accident also dial *100*7# for Goodybag status & minutes balance.


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