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katsnow21 has a question about Bluetooth on sony xa1

Started by: katsnow21
On: 20/03/2018 | 16:07
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by: katsnow21
on: 20/03/2018 | 16:07
I just upgraded to a Sony Xa1 a couple of weeks ago but I can't get the Bluetooth working in my car. I've managed to pair devises and can access all contacts etc in my car but when I attempt to make a call there is no sound, and if some one calls me, I hear the ringing in the car but no speech. I've had loads of Sony Xperias and always used the Bluetooth no problem through about 5 different Nissans I've had and I've never come across this problem before. Any ideas?
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by: nigelbrooks
on: 20/03/2018 | 16:36



Do you have Nissan Connect (version immaterial)?


If so, it's not going to work.


The XA1 is Bluetooth 4.2 and while it is, ostensibly, backwards compatible the Connect is incapable of meeting even the basic Bluetooth 4.0 standard.


AFAIK there are no Connect firmware updates to make it so.

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