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keep my number

Started by: samsahota96
On: 06/03/2014 | 18:53
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by: samsahota96
on: 06/03/2014 | 18:53
Ive ordered a 4g sim card and I want to keep my number and obviously im on giffgaff right now but do I need a PUK code to keep my number?
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by: kathleen414
on: 06/03/2014 | 18:54
First Look back of your sim it says 4Ggg Its ready already
Order a new SIM from your
Spread Giffgaff page


and when it arrives do a SIM swap

 To swap over the account to the new sim
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by: bonusball
on: 06/03/2014 | 18:54
Just do a sim swap when it arrives

Sim swap The link below will help you to perform a sim swap to keep your number and any credits on the account

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by: fadyyasin
on: 06/03/2014 | 18:54

you dont need a puk code for this
Order a new SIM of the right size from your Spread Giffgaff page

and when it arrives do a SIM swap

If you already have a sim then do a sim swap here

you will then keep your current number, credits and/or goodybag. The swap should take no more than 30 minutes but sometime it takes 24 hours to become active..

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by: mathew40
on: 06/03/2014 | 18:55
Hi there and thanks for visiting the community.
4G comes to giffgaff in march,so its a very exiting time for both giffgaff and anybody who wishes to use the 4G service.please take a look at both links below,which gives you all the up to date information,thanks Smiley Wink.

If you wish to change your current sim card,can you just check the back of your current giffgaff sim card,it will either say 3G or 4G.If it says 3G and you wish to change your sim card for a 4G sim card.All new giffgaff sim cards are now 4G ready and you will need to perform a sim swap.When you perform a sim swap,ALL credit and any remaining goodybag allowance,along with your current giffgaff phone number is transfered to your NEW sim card,easy.

Do you have a spare,un-activated giffgaff sim card ? ,if not,dont worry.Simply order a NEW sim card,by clicking onto your,spread giffgaff,or click onto the link below,and select the correct sim card that you require.

Then simply,perform a sim swap. Please take a look at a great guide,by clicking onto the link below. You can only do a SIM swap between 4.30am and 9.30pm.
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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