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laurenm011223 has a question about I have topped up too much

Started by: laurenm011223
On: 08/02/2018 | 10:59
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by: laurenm011223
on: 08/02/2018 | 10:59
Hi wondering if someone can help me I have just accidentally topped up too much is there any way I can get a refund ?
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by: danhamman
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:00

Speak to an agent for refund issues:

Allow 24 hrs for a response, but usually much quicker.

Replies can be found here:



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by: laurenm011223
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:01
Thankyou so much
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by: sammy103
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:01
@laurenm011223 hi there - don't worry if you topped up too much you can contact a giffgaff agent and they will be to refund you for the additional top up. To contact an agent please follow this link

please beware a giffgaff agent can take up to 24 hours to reply to your query.
Agent replies can be found “Messages From Agents" box located under your "My Giffgaff" page, or can be accessed by following this link
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by: clikasarus
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:42
Hi welcome to giffgaff and the community

you will have to contact a agent as they are the only ones who can issue a refund try here

But please be patient as it could take upto 24 hours for them to reply which you can view here

hope this has been helpful for 👍🏻
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