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low usage conditions

Started by: peterw52
On: 04/12/2014 | 16:20
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by: peterw52
on: 04/12/2014 | 16:20

My wife wants a smartphone for Christmas so I've decided to get a sim from GiffGaff, her usage will be very low (at least until she discovers the wonders of the phone). Could someone confirm that the conditions in 13.3 are all Or conditions so in essence if she uses it OR tops up at least every 6 months she will be OK?

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by: scrappydez
on: 04/12/2014 | 21:23

@peterw52   To keep your SIM active, all you have to do is one or more of the following once every 6 months:


  • Make a least one call, SMS or MMS to another number (for technical reasons, emergency calls (i.e. 999/112) and SMSes/calls to giffgaff services (i.e. 2020, 43430) do not apply)
  • Make at least one connection to the internet
  • Receive at least 4 calls of more than 10 seconds
  • Make a least one topup/purchase (credit or goodybag)
  • Receive Payback points (for recruiting new members or participating in the community)

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by: revjonty
on: 04/12/2014 | 16:23 edited: 04/12/2014 | 16:27

Yes that is correct, as long as the phone is used I.e. 1 outgoing, or 4 incomming calls of more than 10 sec, or a top up, within the 6 months period then the sim will not be disconected.

I would add though, that it may well be worth getting at least the £5 (500mb) gigabag, for use with a smartphone, as data costs could easilly outstrip that on payg, with little use. (44mb in a day on payg would cost a fiver, thats not a lot of surfing, 20 web pages ish)

hope this helps

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by: peterw52
on: 04/12/2014 | 19:22

Thanks for info. Plan to start with PAYG and see how it goes!

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by: carrow1
on: 04/12/2014 | 19:29
Yes, that's right just contributing to the forum would be sufficient to keep the sim live, what phone us she getting?
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by: usmahn123
on: 04/12/2014 | 19:30
Yeah you're right
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by: bigjack
on: 04/12/2014 | 19:40

Your wife could leave mobile data turned off (many smartphones automatically and by default connect whether you like it or not.) she could experiment with the internet on the phone using wifi if available and then go for a goodybag if she wants to progress while away from wifi.

Good luck.

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by: headcases
on: 04/12/2014 | 19:47
Yes in short just use the phone every six months to keep the account open a text wil do
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by: peterw52
on: 04/12/2014 | 20:19

That sound like a good strategy, thanks

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by: peterw52
on: 04/12/2014 | 20:33

Current plan is to get a Moto G 4G, although am still researching

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by: isabel1066
on: 04/12/2014 | 20:36
welcome peter google hotukdeals loads of phone deals on there.
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