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mobile network not available on samsung galaxy ace

Started by: geoffhoward2013
On: 06/02/2013 | 21:58
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by: geoffhoward2013
on: 06/02/2013 | 21:58

Hello, i recently joined yourselves and everything went smoothly, even keeping my old number but yesterday i suddenly got the "mobile network not available" message. I have tried resetting, using the giffgaff apn app etc but still no joy. I joined giffgaff on the strength of a friend who had no problems with yourselves but now i'm beginning to wonder.

please help.


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by: misba_786
on: 06/02/2013 | 22:06
try a manual roam
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by: misba_786
on: 06/02/2013 | 22:07

1. Go to settings
2. Then go to mobile networks
3. Select a network other than
o2 (gg) i.e orange or tmobile
4. Come out of settings and it
should say no network coverage
or something
5. Repeat the process this time
choose o2 (gg)
and this will update your
number to the message centre
and should help your txts

The message centre number in your message settings should be +447802002606

If you have an iphone then its a slightly different process here is how you do it

1. Go to settings

2.Go to carriers

3. Switch off automatic and manually change the carrier to something other then O2-UK i.e vodafone or orange

4. Come out of settings and wait until it fails to connect to the other carrier

5. Once it fails repeat the process and this time choose O2-UK

The next part of the guide is for androids and blackberrys and the research was done by fellow giffgaffer paultheball

If you have an android here is your guide

1. Go to settings

2. Go to wireless & networks

3. Go To mobile networks

4. Go to network operators

5. And search for networks

6. A list of networks will soon display

7. Select another network other then O2 i.e orange or tmobile

8. Wait until it fails to connect

9. Repeat the process

If you have a blackberry here is your guide

1. Click manage connection

2. Open mobile network option

3. Select network selection than change it from automatic mode to manual

4. Choose any other network other than O2 i.e orange or tmobile

5. Leave the phone for 2/3 minutes

6. Re-select the automatic mode and it will automatically return to O2

7. Now reboot your phone

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by: mufc2011
on: 06/02/2013 | 22:15
See if theres any faults/issues in your area

First Make sure you have top-up credit (PAYG) / live goodybag with internet

Dial *100# for Credit

Dial *100*7# for Goodybag Allowance


Text settings to 2020.. If that does not work then please look below..

These settings work on almost any mobiles Or, Maybe your phone is listed below with a step by step guide

internet settings

iPhone 3G/3GS iPhone 4


Samsung Galaxy S2


Guide to Windows Mobile 6.1

Nokia C3 Nokia C5

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by: nate37
on: 06/02/2013 | 22:21

try rebooting your phone


try removing the battery and sim and then replacing them.


try turning airplane mode on and then off.

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by: demi77955
on: 06/02/2013 | 22:24

try manual roam

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by: geoffhoward2013
on: 07/02/2013 | 09:42

I've tried everything mentioned but still the same "mobile network unavailable" message. I've even used another sim in my phone to see if that works and it was fine, ruling out the chance that my phone is knackered.


I'm starting to wonder whether my previous network have blocked my number somehow. Is this possible?

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by: michelleh
on: 07/02/2013 | 09:49

It certainly sounds like a problem not with your phone or settings but with either gg or your previous provider.  


It's possible your old provider has cut off your number by mistake, it might be worth contacting them just to check.


Also, I think you should contact an agent here at gg, just to check your number port went through properly and there are no problems on your account.  You can do this by clicking on 'help' in the top right hand side of this webpage, then select 'contact an agent' from the options.


Good luck Smiley Happy

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by: michelleh
on: 07/02/2013 | 09:52

I forgot to mention, just to rule out a network outage in your area go to this page   and check whether everything is up and running in your area and that there is no maintenance work going on at the moment.

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by: zaphod_zoeller
on: 07/02/2013 | 09:52
it could be a faulty sim. do you by any chance have a spare one? or maybe your friend does that referred you to gg?

if not then order a new one from your mygiffgaff page under the "spread" section, and when it arrives do a sim swap to it, which will transfer your account onto the new sim.

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