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my phone is blocked

Started by: carlaj9911
On: 26/10/2013 | 12:25
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by: carlaj9911
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:25

my phone is blocked and i cant get a puk code and i dunno why it got blocked in the first place. can you please help fast

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by: dugblare
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:27

Here you are


PUK Code to unlock my phone

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by: jase371
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:27
if its block then ther's nothing u or any1 can do sorry
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by: coco_bean101
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:27
See this link to contact an agent:

-Hope i helped(:
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by: bobrobinson
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:28

Where did you get your phone from. 

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by: giffgaff_vinnie
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:28

When you say your phone is blocked do you mean its locked to your previouse provider? if so you will need to unlock your phone to all networks, this can be done on most high streets or markets that have a "unlocking" service. If its something else can you please give a little more detail thanks. What comes up on your screen when you put in your giffgaff sim? what phone are you using ect.

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by: dalan
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:30
You'll need a new PUK code if you entered your SIM PIN code incorrectly three times and locked your handset

Need a puk code click on this link.
Is it a second hand phone, it may be barred.
Have you been tethering. Gg may have barred you.
Raise a case with the agents and ask them
Use the link below

Data tethering


If you have problems, try a different browser, ie Chrome, Firefox. Or use the link below,

And choose 30 in the drop down box. And then write the specific nature of your issue in the text box provided.

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by: mo2500
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:31

Click here to get your PUK code:
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by: redlips
on: 26/10/2013 | 12:35
Hav ubeing tethering culd contact agent
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