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new sim activated with signal but cant make calls

Started by: afcno9
On: 31/10/2012 | 13:45
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by: afcno9
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:45
I have just put a gifgaf sim in my desire hd. Followed instructions and all seemed good as I got reception within a few minutes. But when I try to make a call it just won't connect.
When I call my gifgaf phone it says that its engaged.
Any help much appreciated!!
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by: eqra
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:46
restart the phone
check the O2 signal

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by: littlebigjackjackxd
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:48
Have you checked your settings?

Text SETTINGS to 2020. Give some time for the system to process your account too. Smiley Happy
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by: dalan
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:49
It may not be fully activated, it can take upto 24 hours. Try rebooting your phone.

If it helps,
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by: riteshkenny
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:49

Here comes the Pain!!! welcome to giffgaff!!

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by: rudedog
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:49

Hi afcno9, can you look at your My giffgaff (top) and can you see a live goodybag/credit balance and a phone number? You also get a message on that page to say if the sim is activated. If not, it is possible that the sim has not fully activated yet, on occasions activations can take up to 24 hours.

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by: ajenno
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:49
Sim activation can take up to 24 hours
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by: nasilpor
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:49
If you've activated and transferred your old number to Giffgaff just recently, it could take up to 24 hrs.
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by: mezsen
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:52
giffgaff systems are preparing your SIM card for use.You will need to give the systems up to 24 hours to finish things off.

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by: afcno9
on: 31/10/2012 | 13:55
Thanks for your suggestion. Network seems fine. Anything else ??
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