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Started by: ggrob
On: 26/02/2012 | 16:41
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by: ggrob
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:41


I still have 10 months of my orange contract to run. Can I still try out giffgaff by swapping sim cards as and when, or is it more complicated than that? I understand I will have two mobile numbers though.


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by: shedy
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:42

y not try it out 4 a month

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by: giffmeister
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:43 edited: 26/02/2012 | 16:44

As long as you activate the giffgaff sim and use it in an unlocked phone of course you can.

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by: oldyorkie
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:43

Hi Rob


Yes you can, but if you are looking at using the same phone it would need to be unlocked.


You would also need to alternate between the two network settings as well as your sim.


Just try it on PAYG while you are with Orange contract

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by: bonusball
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:43

You can use a giffgaff sim as long as your phone is 02 or unlocked.

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by: danipun
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:43

u will be surprised with what giffgaff offers you in less money 

so i highly recommend you to switch to giff gaff 

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by: hhaarrryyyy2020
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:43
You just need to make sure your handset is unlocked and put a few internet settings in. Its so easy
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by: jayreff
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:44
Certainly you can swap sims if your phone is unlocked, but you will need to set up a giffgaff profile with the new settings for internet and mms.
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by: hhaarrryyyy2020
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:45
If its iphone or bb dont bother tho m8
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by: fanila
on: 26/02/2012 | 16:45
just try it out 4 1 month like shedy sed
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