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no internet connexion

Started by: lou400
On: 12/09/2016 | 23:19
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by: lou400
on: 12/09/2016 | 23:19

Hi I activate my new sim card and top up it with a 12£ goodybag,  however there is no data and I can't connect on my 4g. (even though call and texts are working fine) I followed the instructions with the video for android phones but it's not working (I have a samsung a5 2016). 


Can everyone help me to figure out what's wrong please?

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by: saima03
on: 12/09/2016 | 23:21
Hi @lou400

I suggest you try this guide to manually set-up your Samsung A5 2016

Or, if you have a wifi connection, install and run the giffgaff app from the Play Store to automatically populate the APN/data settings
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by: naughtybadboy
on: 12/09/2016 | 23:24
Always make sure u have an active goodie bag have u tried a reboot
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by: lemonpuff112
on: 13/09/2016 | 00:14
Hi, I had a problem like this. I downloaded the Giffgaff APN app and went into the trouble shooting section. You need to make sure you are on Giffgaff, not 02, you'll see when you go into app. Hope this helps. I'm now back 100%.
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