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no internet

Started by: humungus1888
On: 29/11/2012 | 21:55
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by: humungus1888
on: 29/11/2012 | 21:55

hi guys are we having problems with giffgaff internet was fine earlier now nothing please help

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by: worsdall
on: 29/11/2012 | 21:56
They're experiencing technical difficulties today! Hang on for 24 hours before trying again. If not, contact an agent, via the 'my giffgaff' page. Or make sure the settings are all correct!
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by: jaydean38
on: 29/11/2012 | 21:56

Hi sorry to hear this but Unfortunately Giff Gaff are having few issues at the moment..with Delayed goodybags,
top ups and activations so give it a few hour and try again.

Hope this helps and you get it sorted... Have a great Day Smiley Happy

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by: wreedie
on: 29/11/2012 | 21:57
My internet works okay and has done so all day. Have you tried restarting your phone.
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by: pad3
on: 29/11/2012 | 21:58
sorry your having issues but please be patient so giffgaff can get it sorted
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by: dfg10
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:25
try reinstalling the settings and restarting your phone
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by: georgetown_82
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:26
just wait...that is the best to do as the gg are having some technical will be resolved asap...then you will enjoy again.
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by: shadrack
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:29

1) Text settings to 2020 from your handset

(This may not work for your handset so use the guide below if this doesnt work )

2) If texting to 2020 didnt work > Internet Settings
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by: gerradwy
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:35
mine is fine
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by: littlebigjackjackxd
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:51

There has been issues with giffgaff today regarding goodybags, account balance, buying goodybags and outgoing calls + text. Giffgaff is trying to fix it now. So please be patient Smiley Happy 

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