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Started by: sensations
On: 24/11/2012 | 20:47
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by: sensations
on: 24/11/2012 | 20:47

hi on one part of the information in gg page i found that they sometimes have offrs ,do they have these offers just for people who have long been with gg or no for everyone?

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by: mary222
on: 24/11/2012 | 20:48
no it is for all, do mean goodybags?

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by: hilly191
on: 24/11/2012 | 20:48
The our offer page outlines the fantastic deal available to everyone Smiley Very Happy
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by: thw
on: 24/11/2012 | 20:48

What kind of offers? 

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by: harrybee1980
on: 24/11/2012 | 20:50
For anyone wants a new gg number.
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by: j_s
on: 24/11/2012 | 20:50
any offer is for anyone on giffgaff
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by: sensations
on: 24/11/2012 | 20:57
dont know but in one part says normally offersare for older and wizer members keep an eye for new offers
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by: gulgul2805
on: 24/11/2012 | 21:00
yes they sometimes have offers for the giffgaffers.
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by: stryker9876
on: 24/11/2012 | 21:16
what offers are these?
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by: alecalexandrou
on: 24/11/2012 | 21:58

This applies to anyone who is on giffgaff or who is considering giffgaff.
There are no special offers for people who have been with giffgaff a long time.
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