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Started by: ainey
On: 23/07/2013 | 22:53
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by: ainey
on: 23/07/2013 | 22:53

why is my payback not showing on my account ?

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by: danmullen
on: 23/07/2013 | 22:55

Do you mean payback that you've acrued recently?  It currently shows from 1st June to 5th July, so any you've earned since 5th July will appear on 5th August.

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by: rosieg1979
on: 23/07/2013 | 22:55
Payback earned is only listed on the 5th of the following month. Ie any payback you have accrued since 5th July, will not be visible until 5th August.
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by: joncasserley
on: 23/07/2013 | 22:55
It'll be in my giffgaff. The only payback visible will be the payback earned from june 1st to june 31st, july won't be uploaded until about the 5th of august however seeing as this is your second post to the community, unfortunately you may have not earned any payback. Start helping people out around the community and you could start earning some
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by: awais_khan12
on: 23/07/2013 | 22:55 edited: 23/07/2013 | 22:56
Try out then logging in.
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by: leemg3
on: 23/07/2013 | 22:58
Only visable at the beginning of each month for the previous months. Not updated more frequently than that
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by: mohy
on: 23/07/2013 | 22:59
Any points you've earned this month will show on the next points update on or around 5th August

You can them claim these points in the next payout in December
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by: alant
on: 23/07/2013 | 23:01

@ainey wrote:

why is my payback not showing on my account ?

Have a look here  right hand side at the bottom, or here

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by: ainey
on: 23/07/2013 | 23:01

payback of £6.10 ... IS showing on my phone, buy NOT on my giffgaff , so I could not use it to top up

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by: aishakhepi
on: 23/07/2013 | 23:03 edited: 23/07/2013 | 23:07

payback is either given to you through airtime balance, sent to your bank account or given to charity. you can change this on your profile. payback earned is only listed on the 5th of the following month.

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