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phone keeps going to answer phone

Started by: emily04832
On: 12/06/2019 | 17:18
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by: emily04832
on: 12/06/2019 | 17:18

hi every time someone try's to ring me it keeps going to answer phone and when i ring put it says call failed does anyone know why this is thanks 

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by: natty88
on: 12/06/2019 | 17:24

@emily04832  Check Do not disturb or sleep mode are not enabled via call settings or call forwarding as shown here 


check this guide to call forwarding as shown here call forwarding and hidden parts 


Also try switching voicemail of and back on via here guide to voicemail Remember it costs 8p per call from top up credit or one minute from goody bags minutes number to call is 443 for giffgaff voicemail services 

to activate voicemail number is 1616

 to deactivated it number is 1626

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