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Started by: sarahwick
On: 11/01/2011 | 16:12
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by: sarahwick
on: 11/01/2011 | 16:26

Ok. I'll give it a go and if not I guess I'll be back in here tomorrow to see if any genius can fix it. Thanks guys.

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by: bigmedic
on: 01/10/2011 | 20:19

Anyone know if Giff Gaff have sorted push email for the Blackberry yet or if not when ?? Thanks.....

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by: fboolf
on: 01/10/2011 | 22:30

Push email does not work on Blackberry but should work fine on Android or iPhone provided you are using the right settings.

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by: adamboutcher
on: 01/10/2011 | 22:33

You can get the gmail app working on blackberry with giffgaff, pretty much the same as bb's push settings only done direct from gmail.

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by: ptrob7
on: 03/10/2011 | 17:37

Hello, does anyone know of an app that I can use for push email on a very old 'Blackberry Pear 8110'?


It's such an old phone it would take me ages to use emails via seperate web versions of gmail and yahoo etc so I really need a push email app so that I can send and receive emails quick.


Many thanks Smiley Happy

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by: woodyuk
on: 03/10/2011 | 18:24

The Gmail for Blackberry app will work on your 8110 and push your Gmail straight tio your phone.


You can download a zip file containing the app from my online storage at


Once you have it,unzip the file and install it using the add/remove applications function of Blackberry desktop manager.


Probably the best version of BDM for your Pearl is V 4.7 which you can get by following step 4 at


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