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putting my goodybag on

Started by: pnadin
On: 13/11/2014 | 17:54
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by: pnadin
on: 13/11/2014 | 17:54
I have credit on my account but it won't let me activate my goodybag, this has been like this for 2 months now it says all this info -

We haven't been able to process your payment due to a bank decline. We suggest you contact your bank if you want to use this card to top-up. Alternatively you can:

- Use a different credit /debit card - Get a top-up voucher

If you are trying to activate a SIM card you'll need to restart the process entering the 6 digit code of your SIM card. If you chose to buy a voucher, you will have to use it to top-up online during activation

If you are trying to top-up go back to the top-up page or get a top-up voucher. Please help Smiley Sad
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by: danthescan
on: 13/11/2014 | 18:04

Go to a shop and buy a Voucher as its probably faster.

Visiting the UK and need a giffgaff sim sent to you before you arrive ?

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by: natty88
on: 13/11/2014 | 18:06
goodybags . . . hi my friend this link will give you full information on how to buy your goodybags for your air time credit Smiley Happy
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: pnadin
on: 13/11/2014 | 18:33
Thank u, that worked perfect Smiley Happy
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