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quitar buzon de voz

Started by: aliciakanfor
On: 25/03/2013 | 23:39
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by: aliciakanfor
on: 25/03/2013 | 23:39
Quiero quitar el buzón de voz.
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by: flaxvert
on: 25/03/2013 | 23:44

Si este es el buzón en el que marcar 443 y luego ver aquí


number of rings before divert dial 

**61*443 *10*amount of seconds# followed by SEND –
Amount of time in increments of 5 secs maximum 30

VoicemailTurn ON1616
VoicemailTurn OFF1626
Voicemail Retrieve Voicemail 443
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by: flaxvert
on: 25/03/2013 | 23:45

Sin embargo, si su correo de voz en el botón de un iPhone entonces usted tiene que hacer jailbreak al dispositivo para eliminar o cambiar el número de marcar.

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by: naf3
on: 25/03/2013 | 23:46
You are asking how to disable voicemail.

Dial 443 to Access your voicemail messages

Dial 1616 to switch-on voicemail
Dial 1626 to switch-off voicemail

Voicemail costs 8p per call if you do not have a live goodybag or it will deduct 1 minute per call from your goodybag minutes allowance Smiley Happy
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