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"Emergency Calls Only"

Started by: badboyofrock
On: 24/01/2011 | 10:51
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by: frazerclark
on: 24/01/2011 | 11:48

I would suggest removing the battery and SIM, leaving for a minute or two, and re-inserting.

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by: badboyofrock
on: 24/01/2011 | 11:50

That makes sense.


Thanks Guys.



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by: groovemaneuver
on: 14/09/2011 | 14:40

Mate, just because WHEN THE PHONE and SIM IS WORKING CORRECTLY, that 'Emergency Calls Only' message would point to a bad network, does NOT mean that the phone being faulty wouldn't erroneously cause it to display such a message. If you worked for S.Ericsson in any troubleshooting role, wouldn't you see the logic here?

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by: isabel1066
on: 14/09/2011 | 18:19
this thread was posted jan 24 so i think he will be sorted.
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by: masterluke
on: 14/09/2011 | 18:53
I used to occasionally get 'Emergency Calls Only' come up on my phone when I was with Asda Mobile, it would go away after a few minutes and would be fine afterwards - I think it's a Vodaphone thing?
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by: iamsteveroberts
on: 14/09/2011 | 20:27
Your phone is dropping off gg and going on another network with a very good signal by your location. If you take the phone to another location it will probably not happen
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by: matty6mitchell
on: 14/09/2011 | 22:05
it will work
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