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"Limited service" for 2 days, agent yet to reply

Started by: ahba
On: 14/03/2012 | 07:57
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by: ahba
on: 14/03/2012 | 07:57

Phone working fine until 2 days ago, phone shows "limited service", can't make or receive calls, can't text, despite full signal. My wife using gg working ok. Put my sim in her phone, still says "limited service", her sim in my phone works fine, so my phone is not to blame. Grrr...2 days no phone use...worry if kids' school needed to contact me they wouldn't be able to. To order replacement sim takes 5 working days and immediately lose use of this sim, and no guarantee new sim would work! Messaged agent but not yet reply. Kind people please help. Many thanks.

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by: gorgor
on: 14/03/2012 | 19:07
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Feel sorry for you, hope it can be sorted out SOON.

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by: kadhim
on: 14/03/2012 | 07:59
Your account maybe experiencing issues, just order a replacement sim it should work once that is activated.
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by: usmanozzy786
on: 14/03/2012 | 08:02
Wait for the agent reply till tonight, if no response then re email the agents, some time I have to message them twice to get response
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by: ahba
on: 14/03/2012 | 08:08
Thanks both.
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by: bengalknights
on: 14/03/2012 | 08:11
Contact a educator to chase up with you otherwise just order a replacement sim and hope it works.
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by: ahba
on: 14/03/2012 | 08:12
I have asked an educator yesterday who was online, but didn't reply.
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by: weeman
on: 14/03/2012 | 08:13

Your advised to follow this info mate.


Update - 13/03/2012 - 17:07


Hi all,


Myself and Rachel will be watching this thread this evening. Although we are continually chasing updates for you from the tech team, it is unlikely that we will receive one this evening, as they are working hard to resolve the issue ASAP.


Below is some advice on how to deal with this issue if you believe you are affected.


Firstly make sure that this issue is affecting you. This is only relevant to members who previously had fully working service and lost service since Friday 9th of March 2012


The agents now require more information. All cases should open or reply to an agent message telling them the following:


- What is the current signal like on your handset? (signal, not service. i.e. can you still see signal bars even if you cannot call people)

- Have you rebooted your handset since you first noticed the issue?

- What approximate time did you notice this issue?

- Is the loss of service affecting all your service’s?  SMS/calls/Internet etc.


Title the message "Lost Service Issue 13/03/2012"


It is important that you include all the relevant information and use the correct title.


If you are affected and you are experiencing trouble accessing your agent messages then send me a PM with the subject line "Lost Service Issue - Agent Message Issue" and I will be able to help you.



Many thanks for your patience


Anthony C




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by: trudiw
on: 14/03/2012 | 08:13
ahba there is a problem with some people having no service for the last couple of days but you have limited service on your phone so I'm not sure if that's linked.
Don't order a new card unless told to by an agent as if the problem is something else then you just create more problems for yourself.
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by: ahba
on: 14/03/2012 | 09:39

Thanks weeman, I have PM you as instructed, hope good news soon.  Thanks trudiw. Kudos given to all who help.

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by: weeman
on: 14/03/2012 | 09:49

ahba wrote:

Thanks weeman, I have PM you as instructed, hope good news soon.  Thanks trudiw. Kudos given to all who help.

Sorry mate for the confusion my post was a quote from this thread.


I actually thought i posted a link to that thread in my previous post,sorry for that.


It is one of the educators you have pm'd.Hopefully you will hear back soon.



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