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"Some Text Missing". Long texts delivered staggered.

Started by: greenerk
On: 23/11/2011 | 13:25
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by: greenerk
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:25

Hi all,


This week I've been having an issue with my sent texts;


If I send a text spanning more that 160 characters, the recipient receives the first part with "some text missing..." at the end. The rest of the message will eventually get through and update, but it can take up to an hour.


I've done all the usual tricks like rebooting the phone, cleaning the SIM, resetting network settings etc. but it's still the same.


Other people sending long texts to the same recipients have theirs all come through in one piece.


Is anyone else having a similar problem, or might know the cause?


Right now I'm breaking up any long texts I send into multiple, to make sure it all gets through.

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by: as7861
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:26



Seems like a phone issue. What phone do you have?

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by: giffgafful
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:27

If you have the function on your phone, you could set it up to send long messages as MMS messages instead, but please note that these are 16p each and are not included in goodybags.

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by: syorksdeano
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:27
Sounds like you are in a 2g area
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by: welshdragon92
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:27
Sounds like a technical issue Think you will need an agent for this one. You will find te agent link under help
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by: greenerk
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:32



I have an iPhone 4 and this happens regardless of signal - good, bad, 2G, 3G.


I'm not going to set it to use MMS instead - goodbye credit!


I'll dig out my "backup" phone and have a crack with that. Hopefully this is a local network thing... again!




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by: jps123
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:36
i had that last week but only for a couple of days then they started working again
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by: jill_vickers
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:37

Same thing happening on my iphone 3GS.

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by: bevlive
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:38
This happens to me all the time i get a long message, its an actual fault with the phone. Ive had this phone on other networks and it did exactly the same thing.

The only thing you can do is to buy a new phone.
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