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remove adult block ?

Started by: davidkershaw
On: 18/09/2012 | 22:40
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by: davidkershaw
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:40
PLEASE HELP!! i am goin round in circles tryin 2 get adult bar off, plse dont send me 2 sim settings etc or to ask an Agent as tried all those loads of times & got nowhere !! ?? I am 50yrs old by the way.
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by: milanspruce
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:40
Contact an agent with your Id eg driving license, passport
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by: andyhowlett84
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:41

i had to contact an agent, and it took a while.

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by: sam1128
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:41
Only possible way to remove is Agents air !

We are members like you we have no access no your account !

You'll need to contact an agent here:
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by: alexc33
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:42

An alternative that requires going to the O2 site, , entering your phone number and credit card that charges a pound and lifts it within a minute. Haven't tried it myself so can't vouch for it.

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by: paultheball
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:43
Agents really are lacking when it cones to
removing the adult bar :-(

If you have a Credit Card, Here is an Alternative.
It wont work for everyone, but its worth a try.
Log on to the O2 site and use the 'Age
Verification Tool'
You enter your mobile number, then enter the
verification code they send you, pay £1 via a credit
card and job done.

Your adult bar will be lifted within 30 seconds.

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by: anees_mahmood
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:44
Ask an agent
If you experience any difficulty whilst attempting to remove the content block or don't have a passport or driving licence then please contact the agents, who would be happy to assist - Ask an agent. Please include your date of birth.

Please be aware that the agents can take a week or longer to do this.

Please also see here for any agent replies that you are expecting:

You could contact an educator who could chase up your agent inquiry for you here:

Either you can try taking off the adult content yourself by providing your passport or driving licence details, Or you need to contact an agent with proof to suggest that you are above 18 years old.
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by: proz
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:46

Dont bother trying to have it removed via the website with driving/passport stuff as it doesnt and wont work .... youll have to ask an agent providing some other proof ...oh and dont hold your breath as it'll take a while dispite the 5 day promise :-)

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by: kenp
on: 18/09/2012 | 22:49

It did work for me, I must have been lucky.

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