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request for a normal sim card for my existing number

Started by: asif8
On: 11/01/2014 | 23:42
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by: jp22
on: 11/01/2014 | 23:52

it all comes together.

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by: asif8
on: 12/01/2014 | 00:28

*for my existing giffgaff number, i already have a nano sim for my iphone 5, but my iphone is having some technical problems so i need a normal sim for the same number .

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by: vtang
on: 12/01/2014 | 00:34

you can just order a micro sim card since they contain a normal sim card around it. all you have to do is set the sim card up and transfer your old number onto the new sim card and by doing so your old card will be uses less. if i was you i would cut your old sim card in half destorying anything left on the sim. i hope i have helped you with your sim card problems and what to do afterwards and if you need anymore information. giffgaff have a youtbe account showing you the steps on everthing giffgaff does Smiley Happy

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