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reset password

Started by: aidan_17
On: 29/11/2011 | 21:49
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by: aidan_17
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:49

my brother is trying to reset his password dies anyone know how to do it because ive been waiting for giffgaff to reply back with a link on email to help reset but its taking ages

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by: sufta
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:50
go to the login page and then type in your username, underneath there is an option stating forgotten your password?, click on it
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by: s_morris
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:50

go on  'my giffgaff' then 'my details' youll see it there

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by: aiishaxx
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:51
contact an agent they may be able to help you
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by: jonmc95
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:51


Where you see "Your password" click "Change" and change it. Smiley Happy

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by: david72817281
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:51
you will have to keep waitting sorry
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by: shazmitch
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:51

no problem at all. just visit


 follow the instructions

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by: mfish
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:51
Login to your giffgaff page and go to your details and change password
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by: mazz2k11
on: 29/11/2011 | 21:52
if he wants to change it and he knows the 0ld 1 tel him to go to my gifgaf and then click my details and you wil see it there !
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