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robbaltz has a question about the Huawei P9 Lite

Started by: robbaltz
On: 31/07/2016 | 00:27
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by: robbaltz
on: 31/07/2016 | 00:27
Keep my number
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by: topcop
on: 31/07/2016 | 00:36
Yes you can keep your number by porting it in from your current provider by asking for a PAC code. Once this is obtained you can pass it to giffgaff and port your number across.
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by: keelanginge
on: 31/07/2016 | 00:37
Hello @robbaltz

You can now activate a new sim if you loose one or it is damaged, or you need a micro or nano sim to fit a new phone, by doing a sim swap.
Use this link to order a new sim. When it arrives you can then perform a sim swap.

If your contacts are saved to your sim, back them up first.

1 Log out of gg
2 Click activate a sim
3 Enter the 6 digit code on the sim card.
4 Click continue
5 I the already a member section, enter your username and password.
6 Log in
7 Click yes I want to replace my sim
8 Click yes i'm sure.
Thats it. Your gg number, and account details will be transferred to your new sim.

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