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samsung galaxy young messages full

Started by: parbooth
On: 04/02/2014 | 22:15
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by: windoze9t8
on: 04/02/2014 | 22:42
You need about 25mb free try deleting an app like Facebook
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by: isabel1066
on: 04/02/2014 | 22:43
you need to look where there is envlope text messages.
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by: jackabc
on: 04/02/2014 | 22:50
She needs to go to the inbox and delete all the messages there. Also if the sent box is getting full, delete these while you're at it.
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by: parbooth
on: 04/02/2014 | 22:53
as far as i can see there are no text messages on her phone now, i deleted the 4 sent ones she had and I can't see any other ones anywhere, so I guess the issue must be the apps, although she said she had deleted apps, none of the apps will let me move to sd card so will have to wait for her to wake up in the morning and get her to delete apps, not sure what is important and shouldn't be deletd. The biggest apps are Hangouts, google play services, google play books, maps, youtube and google play store. Do you think removing those will create an issue or should some of them stay?
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by: windoze9t8
on: 04/02/2014 | 22:58
From what I know it's a known bug... If you can delete an app like maps (no big deal) or move some to sd - search link2sd in the app store (though some apps like this might not work on certain Samsung phones)
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by: parbooth
on: 04/02/2014 | 23:06

ah, ok, deleting maps worked, the text messages are flowing in, will get her to get rid of more apps tomorrow, thanks everyone. Smiley Happy

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by: windoze9t8
on: 04/02/2014 | 23:20

Thanks for confirming the solutions given by members worked for you.
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