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settings for mms

Started by: amazed69
On: 01/12/2013 | 08:50
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by: amazed69
on: 01/12/2013 | 08:50
I dont know how to change settings for mms, can someone help
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by: natty88
on: 01/12/2013 | 08:52
Try sendin a text with settings to 2020 to see if helps good mornin
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by: joel_pointon
on: 01/12/2013 | 08:52
Text "settings" to 2020. Or enter them manually (found on the gg website!) Smiley Happy
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by: jeffpeps
on: 01/12/2013 | 08:55
Install whatsapp MMS are free , just make sure people you send to also have whatsapp 🇬🇧
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by: essie112mm
on: 01/12/2013 | 08:56

These are the settings you'll need 


Connection Name: giffgaff

APN - Access Point Name:
Login - Username: "giffgaff"  for all devices or "vertigo" for iPhones and iPads
Password:  the password is "password"


MMS proxy82.132.254.1

MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 10 


If you're struggling with those then try these simpler ones 


Connection Name: giffgaff
APN - Access Point Name:
Login - Username: "giffgaff" for all devices or "vertigo" for iPhones and iPads
Password:  the password is "password" 


You might have to restart your phone afterwards


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by: mathew40
on: 01/12/2013 | 09:09
Hi there and welcome to the community.
If you could try texting the word "settings" to 2020,you should receive your "settings" via a text message.
If that doesnt work for you,and you have access to wifi,then there are two apps,that can be found,in your google play store.
Either install the giffgaff APN app or Tweakker.
Either of these apps,should fix your "settings" for you automatically.
If you would like to go to your google play store and get the giffgaff APN app,simply click onto the link below.

If you would like to try tweakker,click onto the link below.

To set your "settings"manually.
Go to "settings"
More "settings"
Wireless and networks.
Mobile networks.
Access point names.
Tap the menu key.
Select new APN.
(Type in this information).

MMS proxy-
MMS port-8080
press the menu key,then SAVE apn.

Tick the apn to see the green light,you now should be set up for internet and mms.
Ensure your data is enabled or use packet data.
Then turn your device OFF and On again.

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by: dugblare
on: 01/12/2013 | 09:20

Hello and welcome to giffgaff


There are 3 ways to set up your MMS and internet settings for your phone 


1. Text settings” to 2020


2.Connect to WiFi and download and install an app on your phone called “tweakker” 

   This will put the correct APN settings in for you


3 You can set up your android phone manually as follows


Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Menu button  - New APN

Enter the following

Name: giffgaff


Username: giffgaff

Password: password



MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080

MCC: 234

MNC: 10



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by: addykiller123
on: 01/12/2013 | 11:17
text settings to 2020
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by: addykiller123
on: 01/12/2013 | 11:19
ported the number to gg.
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