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Started by: 1an79
On: 10/03/2018 | 12:01
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by: 1an79
on: 10/03/2018 | 12:01

Do I get a discount if I buy a second payg sim

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by: elmo101
on: 10/03/2018 | 12:03
Hi @1an79

Sorry no discounts the same prices apply regardless the amount of SIMs you activate.
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by: littlechris1989
on: 10/03/2018 | 12:06 edited: 10/03/2018 | 12:09


All SIM cards are free to receive. If you send a SIM card (through your recruiter page) to a friend and they activate it then you will earn 500 points (£5) which is added to your monthly payback total and your friend will get £5 free credit deposited in their account as Airtime Credit.


This is the link to your sim recruiter page -


There are no other discounts when you activate a SIM card.

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by: figment_uk
on: 10/03/2018 | 12:11

1an79 wrote:

Do I get a discount if I buy a second payg sim

Not a discount, but you can get £5 bonus credit on the new account when you activate a SIM from your own SIM order page: for use in a different device.


You will also receive 500 payback points (£5 value) on your existing account during the month after the new SIM is activated (provided you have recruited less than 15 new members)

I do not work for giffgaff, so cannot check anything on your account. This is a public community - please do not post any personal info.
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by: arnoldpowell1
on: 10/03/2018 | 12:19

Hi @1an79


Sorry giffgaff do not offer any discount offer.

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