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sim failure

Started by: stevekin
On: 10/09/2016 | 13:46
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by: stevekin
on: 10/09/2016 | 13:46

First things first....brilliant service from GiffGaff with the very quick delivery of my new SIM. Ordered yesterday afternoon and was here first thing this morning. So big thanks for that !!

Alas, the SIM does not work.
I lost my phone yesterday morning. Clicked the appropriate buttons here on GG to block the phone, block the SIM and send me a new SIM.

I activated the replacement SIM and an hour or so later, good to go. My account now shows the balance of my goody bag and credit, along with my original number of course.
But the SIM isn't working :-(

On insertion I get SIM Failure, then No Service showing.

I think it's not the phone, as I activated and topped up a new SIM I had spare (thinking the replacement  might take longer than half a day to arrive ;-) ) and that works just fine.

Two things cross my mind.....simply that the SIM is 'broken', or might it be because the lost SIM was in an iPhone 5S and I am trying to use it in my old 3GS ?

Yes, the SIM is the full size needed for the 3GS. There is a slight amount of movement of the SIM within the carrier, but the same applies to the other SIM that works.


Just thought of a third....might I have neglected to do something, click a button, enter a code, anything ?

And is there a link to request a replacement for a broken replacement of a lost SIM whilst retaining the same number/goodybag/credit etc ?


Thank you :-)

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by: williamwalker
on: 10/09/2016 | 13:53
Hi @stevekin
Sorry mate should of left a link
A agent will get back to you within 24 hours usually much sooner
Hope this helps
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by: bruno00
on: 10/09/2016 | 13:49
did you restart your phone with replacement sim in it? if not you should try that first.
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by: williamwalker
on: 10/09/2016 | 13:51
Hi @stevekin
It has a bar on it for safety incase it went missing in post.
Just contact a agent explain and they'll remove the bar.👍
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by: williamwalker
on: 10/09/2016 | 13:53
Hi @stevekin
Sorry mate should of left a link
A agent will get back to you within 24 hours usually much sooner
Hope this helps
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by: stevekin
on: 10/09/2016 | 14:32

Yes I did that in the first place Bruno and just tried again, but no joy.

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by: stevekin
on: 10/09/2016 | 14:36

Thanks William, but I thought the activation procedure would result in the number/SIM being un-barred, after all, it shows in My GiffGaff as 'working' (data, minutes left etc).


I took a look through the options at the link you gave, can't see an obvious one for un-barring. Any suggestions as to the most apt route to follow there ? :-)

Thanks !

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by: stevekin
on: 15/09/2016 | 16:01

Thanks to William for pointing me in the right direction. Just dealt with a very helpful agent by the name of Jon and kind of have a solution.

It's only the 'lost' SIM that is barred, any new replacement is either not barred or un-barred when activating it.

Alas, seems there is an issue with the latest SIMs and the iPhone 3GS. A second replacement was sent out and the same again. Neither work in the 3GS but both did work in a different phone.

Frustrating because an older SIM (from last year) was activated last Friday and works just fine in the 3GS. Just not my regular number.

Will just have to wait until my new phone is sorted to get back to that.


In case this helps anyone else :-)



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