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Started by: rich1968
On: 31/10/2012 | 16:13
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by: hosaam123
on: 31/10/2012 | 20:29
Try 5555 or 6666
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by: lorinn
on: 31/10/2012 | 20:32
Yes, the firmware update relocked it. The problem is that it is locked to other network than giffgaff. You will need a network unlock PIN, unfortunately.
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by: jediwarrior
on: 01/11/2012 | 03:51 edited: 01/11/2012 | 03:52

The firmware upgrade had relocked your Samsung Galaxy S3 to your previous network. You need to unlock it again. you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 safer and easier using unlock code. You can get the unlock code either from your previous network provider or from any trusted private service like at low cost with easy instructions on unlocking.

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by: ben_brown1
on: 01/11/2012 | 07:09
Sim pin 5555 will work
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