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someone has opened an account using my details fraudulently. what can I do?

Started by: cblackburn
On: 21/04/2016 | 20:53
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by: cblackburn
on: 21/04/2016 | 20:53

i received an email confiring my SIM ordewr when I never ordered one.

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by: leenaliaquat69
on: 21/04/2016 | 20:54
Contact an agent here if you're concerned, but they can't do anything by ordering a sim
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by: spacefrog
on: 21/04/2016 | 20:56

i wouldnt worry about this, you might of pressed a wrong button, if you are worried then simply change your password... you can do it here...

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by: tkauser22x
on: 21/04/2016 | 20:57 edited: 21/04/2016 | 20:58

they won't be able to do anything with just ordering a sim card,


they can't top it up by using your details or anything like that -


if you are worried about it


change your password,


or if you want you can contact an agent, not sure which option would be best to choose -


don't worry.



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by: cblackburn
on: 21/04/2016 | 21:12

i tried that but is only a series of drop-down issues, none of which are relevan to me...

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by: scotthubbard2514
on: 21/04/2016 | 21:20
One of your friends or family members could have used your phone or computer this is why is always a good idea to log out every time I wouldn't worry too much about it there's not a lot anyone can do hope this helps put your mind at ease
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by: cblackburn
on: 21/04/2016 | 21:31

I never have never had anyhing to do with GiffGaff until this email I get thanking me for my order.  Happens the same day I get a letter from a different company about another order I never made. Is definitely fraud. I agree I will not have to foot the bill eventually, but frustrating so hard to report! I am trying to save them from paying out to the criminals.  I shouldn't have to become a member of this forum just to report fraud and say I dont want anything to do wih this company...

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