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standard simm - large area

Started by: richardmanning
On: 19/06/2014 | 23:38
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by: richardmanning
on: 19/06/2014 | 23:38

Hi,  I am looking for a standard sim card that has the gold plate that is 12mm wide rather than the current stye which you supply that is 8mm.


Is this possible - its for an old phone

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 21/06/2014 | 13:38



I have done a bit of research as I was around when onetoone was launched by Mercury (I supplied their contact centre back in 1989).


I believe you have the pre-agreement SIM (on the left in the image below) which standardised sizes across all networks and mobile manufacturers.




A standard mini SIM is on the right.


Sadly, none of the mobile networks still provide 'pre-agreement' SIMs and, short of changing out the device in your car you are stuck.



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by: steflouise
on: 19/06/2014 | 23:43
the only standard sim GG send out now is with the micro punch out inside
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by: yasar_786
on: 19/06/2014 | 23:44
Yes, simply order a Giffgaff sim from your Account. All Giffgaff sims are dual and hybrid sims that contain a micro sim which easily pops out. If you wish to use the standard sim, simply use the sim as normal and do not take the inner part out.

Once the sim arrives, do a sim swap. You need to perform a sim swap in order to transfer your details such as your mobile number and goodybag/credit from one Giffgaff sim onto another sim.

Please use this guide to perform a sim swap:
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by: jurgenk
on: 19/06/2014 | 23:46
There are only 3 types of sims. Standard, micro and nano. So if you order new one it will come as standard one.
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by: riiceball
on: 19/06/2014 | 23:50
Yes you can order the standard size sim from the giffgaff site or by clicking on any memebers banner.
It will come as a hybrid sim with a pop out centre.
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by: tearza
on: 20/06/2014 | 00:06
You can order the hybrid or micro sim from your my giffgaff page, hybrid is the bigger one😊
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by: whathellx
on: 20/06/2014 | 00:58
Hey there,

You should order the standard one.

Goodluck Smiley Very Happy
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by: trevor476
on: 20/06/2014 | 01:51

@richardmanning wrote:

Hi,  I am looking for a standard sim card that has the gold plate that is 12mm wide rather than the current stye which you supply that is 8mm.


Is this possible - its for an old phone

Hi @richardmanning whilst the dual purpose sim contacts on the micro pop out sim (not the plastic bit) are 8mm wide they were supposed to be backward compatible to the older wider contact area on the earlier single use mini sim (pre micro sim days) Therefore, a giffgaff standard dual purpose sim should, without popping out the micro bit, work in an older phone that takes the older type 12mm contact plate mini sim. Otherwise it wouldn't be classed as backward compatible. However, you may have already tried a modern sim and found it isn't as backward compatible as they suggested it would be at the time.


Please don't tell us that you have a phone that old it needs the even earlier credit card size sim, if you have and it still works I would sell it as a collectors piece. Smiley Very Happy


Please let us know the outcome one way or another.

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by: richardmanning
on: 21/06/2014 | 12:10

Hello Trevor 476,


I would have said yiy was correct in the statment about being backwards compatable.  but after a lot of experimenting I have found that I do indeed need a 12mm wide contact area.


I have loads of used sims gathered over time, and found that only the 12mm size will give some response.


As for being a collectors piece I tend to agree with you, however it is my built in car phone.  Which has a more powerful transmitter than hand helds. 


So thats my problem.  I currently use a vodafone (spit) sim, but would like to use an o2 (aka giffgaff) if possible.


If someone has an old full size giffgaff sim that has the gold contacts being 12mm wide then I wouldnt mind buying it (hopefully at a low cost!!)  - Oh - and it works.


Any advice except buy a newer car would be appreciated.




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by: gemmaedwards
on: 21/06/2014 | 12:15
well it wont be a micro sim for a old phone, all standed sims are all the same size.
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