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swinkle02 has a question about Sim not working

Started by: swinkle02
On: 01/04/2018 | 19:54
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by: swinkle02
on: 01/04/2018 | 19:54
Son lost phone so we asked for a replacement sim but to keep same number, activated the new sim and topped it up still not working
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by: sneaky007
on: 01/04/2018 | 19:55
Hi @swinkle02

If you have activated the replacement SIM - It is usually activated within a few minutes(30), but it can take up to 24 hours in some situations. I also suggest you turn your device off and on again periodically to see if that helps. If your SIM is not activated after 24 hours, then i suggest you contact a giffgaff so they can verify the status of replacement SIM activation. A giffgaff agent can be contacted by following this link , please note during busy times a giffgaff agent can take up to 24 hours to respond to your query.

A agent reply can be found in the "Messages From Agents" box that is located on your "My Giffgaff" page or follow this link to access it directly.
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by: shabbas
on: 01/04/2018 | 19:56
Hi there
Sim swap usually takes up to 24 hours.
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by: swinkle02
on: 01/04/2018 | 19:57
Thank you he’s had the sim for 2 weeks now and still not working will contact the agent thank you
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by: sloz
on: 01/04/2018 | 20:28
Hi what do you hear exactly when you call your son's number?

Is your son's phone /sim showing a signal
(signal bars, giffgaff logo, connection symbol)

Can he call 443?
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by: swinkle02
on: 01/04/2018 | 20:56
It says no SIM card he is using an 02 phone so the phone shouldn’t be the problem I’ve sent the activation code to the agent etc
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by: swinkle02
on: 01/04/2018 | 20:57
When I call it it says this person can’t take your call
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by: sloz
on: 01/04/2018 | 21:02 edited: 01/04/2018 | 21:04

So you hear " welcome to giffgaff, s voicemal, the person can't take your call? 

Do you have another unactivated giffgaff sim?

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by: swinkle02
on: 01/04/2018 | 21:07
Welcome to giff gaff the person your calling can’t take your call right now please leave message after the tone.... I’ve checked with him the phone the sim is in is an 02 phone. I’ve also topped it up today to see if that helps but it’s still not working.

He did order another sim card for his friend but has yet to give it to him.
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by: sloz
on: 01/04/2018 | 21:14
Could you pop the spare unactivated sim in the phone,

Does it show a signal and do you see the words "not active" on the phone screen when you dial *100# ?

If you do, you need to perform a sim swap
Log into your son's account
Check you're in the correct account
(important if you have several accounts or manage accounts for others)

Then click here

Input the 6 digit activation code from the new sim in the box provided and
click the yellow activate your sim button

On the next page headed "SIM replacement "
click the yellow button
"yes I want to replace my sim"

On the next page headed "SIM replace"
click the yellow button
"yes I'm sure"

Your new sim will usually start working within 30 minutes
(switch your phone off and on every 10 minutes or so)
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