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take adult content lock off.

Started by: scott_wallser
On: 21/06/2013 | 09:27
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by: scott_wallser
on: 21/06/2013 | 09:27
Why is it taking so long??????????
Can't log on to my betting accounts or anything.
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by: daeagleton
on: 21/06/2013 | 09:30 edited: 21/06/2013 | 09:31

It should only take up to 24 hours, but some people have been waiting ages

Source: Remove 18 Bar:


If it has been longer than 24 hours, I would Contact an Agent


If you are having problems filling in the form to contact an agent or can’t find an appropriate category for your issue then use this link –

Choose 30 in the drop down list

Then explain your issue in the box provided. As the options don't match your query put as much information as possible of your problem in the box.

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by: weeman
on: 21/06/2013 | 09:30

Who knows why it takes so long mate,some people have been waiting weeks,some even months.


Anyway just think of the money it's saving you....Not backing all them losers.Smiley Very Happy



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by: isthisnametaken
on: 21/06/2013 | 09:31
The longest i think i have seen it take is two months. You may be able to help yourself tho.
I am not new, I used to be mememememememememe
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by: christine31
on: 21/06/2013 | 09:33
it usually takes about a week
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by: tat2jayuk
on: 21/06/2013 | 09:39
Mine was removed instantly! Have you contacted an agent to see if its Bering dealt with!!
Please click solution and kudos if I helped, thanks.
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by: smiler667
on: 21/06/2013 | 09:42
giffgaff 18+ adult restrictions (stops access to certain sites) can be removed for those aged 18+ with either a full UK driving licence or UK Passport. The tool can be found under the phone settings

(Adult Content Control).


At the bottom of your passport there are two lines with many chevrons (“<“). Each one of them have 44 characters in total. Enter all the characters on each line including the chevrons on the two boxes provided. The first line only includes letters and chevrons whereas second one starts with number and also has letters.



9999999999GBR9999999F9999999<<<<<<<<<<<<<<99 - second line (box)

Driving Licence

Enter your full UK Driving Licence number, which you will find in line 5 of your licence. It’s 18 characters long and includes a combinations of letters and numbers. Don’t forget to include the numbers at the end and don't include a space.

Eg. JOHN741345AB8CC31

Please note that for the older style (paper) driving licences you need to use the issue number (note you need to find this on a different/inner page) for the last 2 numbers at the end.
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by: mrge25
on: 25/03/2018 | 04:03

Yes it's driving me mad 

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