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Started by: knikki78
On: 20/04/2013 | 11:42
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by: knikki78
on: 20/04/2013 | 11:42
I keep getting emails saying im allegedly doin illegal tethering??? I am not at all my phone is always inline n that is y I go for the goodybag with unlimited internet. I have been warned if this carrys on my sim will b barred I think that tjis is disgusting! I have many friends n family on giffgaff
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by: weeman
on: 20/04/2013 | 11:45

Just reply back to the emails mate and tell them you are using your phone and not tethering.



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by: homecliff
on: 20/04/2013 | 11:45
explain to the agents
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by: wreedie1
on: 20/04/2013 | 11:45
You will need to contact an agent at and discuss this issue with them. If you have been warned, there is a possibility that your internet service maybe barred if they continue to suspect that you are tethering. It could be that you got the warning because you used a lot of data in a short period of time.
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by: flaxvert
on: 20/04/2013 | 11:45

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by: zhouzilu83
on: 20/04/2013 | 11:48
Just contact an agent and explain to them that you have done nothing wrong
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by: uvbmike
on: 20/04/2013 | 11:48

I think they will block your account 48 hours after the warning so you'll need to respond to the email and raise a case with an agent pretty quickly if you want to stay connected.


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