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Started by: rustydy
On: 14/03/2018 | 13:44
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by: rustydy
on: 14/03/2018 | 13:44

I cannot receive or send a text..i have taken my phone to a shop and they said there is nothing wrong with my phone ..they said it is the provider at fault,,,but i cannot get hold of a agent to help me...

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by: lbspeller
on: 14/03/2018 | 13:45
I am sorry you are having difficulties

Please check the signal status in your area to see if there are any known local issues, such as damage to a mast or maintenance being carried out, or poor coverage in your area. Remember, the status checker is only updated hourly, so recent faults may not yet show up – so check back after a while, just in case.

Simply enter your postcode in the following page :

If there is nothing reported there you can attempt a manual roam to refresh your connection.

And, of course, you can always try rebooting your phone as this often solves a multitude of problems.

You could also turn the phone off, take the sim card out and give it a gentle wipe with a soft cloth, before putting it back in and restarting the phone.
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by: rustydy
on: 14/03/2018 | 14:00
I have and tried everything that people have suggested but its still not can I get a agent to help me?
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by: sloz
on: 14/03/2018 | 15:48
Hi, which phone do you have?
Can you make and receive calls and use data?

Which device and browser are you using to contact an agent?
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