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thebowmans108 has a question about the iPhone 7

Started by: thebowmans108
On: 24/05/2017 | 14:32
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by: thebowmans108
on: 24/05/2017 | 14:32
my finance application has been approved by ratesetter but i can't order my new phone
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Accepted Solutions
by: dbcooper_
on: 24/05/2017 | 16:52

Track the order from here @thebowmans108

Phones are delivered Monday to Friday. There are no deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank/Public holidays.

The table below outlines the delivery schedule :

Phone order placed Between 19:01 Sunday and 22:00 Monday ≥≥≥ delivered on Tuesday

Between 22:01 Monday and 22:00 Tuesday ≥≥≥ delivered on Wednesday

Between 22:01 Tuesday and 22:00 Wednesday ≥≥≥ delivered on Thursday

Between 22:01 Wednesday and 22:00 Thursday ≥≥≥ delivered on Friday

Between 22:01 Thursday and 19:00 Sunday ≥≥≥ delivered on Monday

Note: if you are buying your new phone with a loan from RateSetter, your order time and day is when giffgaff receive confirmation and payment from RateSetter

For any queries regarding a late/problematic delivery, an agent can be contacted from here

Hope this helps

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by: thebowmans108
on: 24/05/2017 | 14:34
i went through the process to order new phone but took me back through ratesetter processs. and yes it was the same phone. Giffgaff your process is very frustrating!
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by: clikasarus
on: 24/05/2017 | 14:34 edited: 24/05/2017 | 14:35

Hi welcome to giffgaff and the community Once ratesetter approves the loan then you then go back to this website and process your order in exactly the same way as you did the first time, using all the same details (make sure to pick the same phone!). More details on this will be in the email.

The loan will only be finalised when the order is validated and is not valid until you complete your order. Look out for your order here and shipment confirmations to verify your order went through also here is a guide for more information hope this helps👍🏻

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by: dbcooper_
on: 24/05/2017 | 14:35

When you receive the email with notice the loan has been approved you then have 14 days in which to verify the phone purchase

Important to note : RateSetter require you to duplicate the order by going through the order process again, from start to finish, by selecting the same phone, and using all the same information as you did first time. The original order is cancelled once your application has been referred to RateSetter.


However @thebowmans108

If it seems you are stuck in a loop with the verification you'll need to inform giffgaff about this. It's a regular problem 😥

 ↪ You apply for a phone
 ↪ Receive the 'credit approval' email
 ↪ Attempt to validate the order

Then go round in circles as it has in your case 😨

As their is no specific category for your problem on the agent contact list, please use this link ↪ which allows you to get the message through without any fuss

From the drop down list tap 30
Explain what the problem is in full in the further information box at the bottom. Agents will reply within 24 hours

Good luck
Hope this helps

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by: lynda1962
on: 24/05/2017 | 14:36
Hi there, try using a different browser and empty cache then try again, once you have received confirmation from ratesetter then you need to go through the whole process of ordering the phone 📱 again exactly how you done it the first time, then your phone will be processed, if still having problems contact ratesetter and find out more information about it.
Or you can call ratesetter after 9am;  ‪020 3142 6226

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by: thebowmans108
on: 24/05/2017 | 14:39
Ratesetter have approved and i clicked on the link in their confirmation email. However it took me through the same process and i've been unable to complete my order which is very frustrating. is there someone i can call?
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by: dbcooper_
on: 24/05/2017 | 14:40

Everything is done online @thebowmans108


Did you see my earlier post?


Follow that advice. Contact an agent right now!


Good luck

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by: nosheen_kabul
on: 24/05/2017 | 15:03
Hi, @thebowmans108

Great news your loan application has been accepted. You will need to go back to the giffgaff site and process your order in exactly the same way as you did the first time, using all the same details (make sure to pick the same phone!).

The loan will only be finalised when the order is validated and is not valid until you complete your order. Please check out your order history here and shipment confirmation to verify your order went through.
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by: margaretcoulson
on: 24/05/2017 | 15:46

Hi there @thebowmans108


Lovely to see that your RateSetter loan application has been accepted, enabling you to purchase your iPhone 7 via monthly payments.


You would need to go through the ordering process again, exactly as you did before (i.e. same iPhone 7, same colour, same memory option and so on), to secure your iPhone 7 order.  Please do not worry, you won't duplicate your order.  If a link has been provided in the RateSetter confirmation email, please follow that link to order your iPhone 7.  


I see you are having problems doing this though Smiley Sad It could be that the Giffgaff website is having some sort of communication issue with your current Internet browser, this is known to happen from time to time.  Have you tried the following...?


Please go to your Internet Browser Settings and clear the Cache and Cookies (located under your Browsing History). Once Cache and Cookies have been cleared, please try confirming your iPhone 7 order again


If the issue is not resolved, please log out of your giffgaff account and open an alternative Internet browser (if you can).  Chrome and Firefox are some examples.  Then, visit our website on the alternative browser, log in again and then try again


Hopefully this will work for you so you can confirm your order this Afternoon.  Good luck Smiley Happy

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by: thebowmans108
on: 24/05/2017 | 16:30
thanks everyone for your help. i called ratesetter and they managed to help. the problem was i'd changed my email address after the initial application so my details had changed. All sorted now. I have another question though. Are new phones usually delivered within 24 hours of the order being placed?
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