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topup voucher not valid.

Started by: robothepunk
On: 04/06/2013 | 21:45
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by: robothepunk
on: 04/06/2013 | 21:45
right i am not a happy person bought a fifteen pound topup voucher on the 22/05/13 at 02:41 and have tried on numerous occasions to use it to top up my accnt but all i am getting is the message voucher is not valid on every occasion i that i have tried to use it so please tell me what is the problem as i am getting the feeling that i am being taken for some lind of mug please get in contact with me so this very frustrating matter can be resolved sooner than later as i am the one who is fifteen pounds out of pocket . robothepunk .
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by: anees_mahmood
on: 04/06/2013 | 21:47
Hey, please Dial 43430 from your phone and enter your voucher code.

Sometimes, vouchers take many attempts to be redeemed and accepted. Keep trying and your voucher will go through.

You can also redeem your voucher online.
Clear your browser history, clear cache and cookies. Try using another browser such as firefox or google chrome.

Please also check your payment history section just in case to see if your voucher payment has been already made or not.
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by: alecalexandrou
on: 04/06/2013 | 21:47
Sometimes the top up will fail.
This means that the money has been taken the first time you enter the voucher numbers but it is not applied to your account.
You now should contact an agent to investigate this for you and to apply the voucher value to your account manually.

Do not worry, you will get your money, as long as the voucher was not used for something else.
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by: flaxvert
on: 04/06/2013 | 21:47

Dial 43430 and enter it there

Or here

Or here 

Try the mobile site

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by: trivvie
on: 04/06/2013 | 21:48

Did you buy an o2 voucher?

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by: cmarshall028
on: 04/06/2013 | 21:50
Someone had this problem earlier and said that it worked through the mobile app.

If you can try inputting the voucher through the my giffgaff app available in the App Store and let us know if it works
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by: ziraihsaan123
on: 04/06/2013 | 22:06
Go back to were uve purchased it from and explain whats happend
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by: robothepunk
on: 05/06/2013 | 03:13
no a giff gaff voucher im an ex royal marine not stupid .
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by: kainnero
on: 05/06/2013 | 05:38
I use vouchers and only o2 ones bought from the likes of sainsburys, tesco etc. They go through no problem.

My suggestion is to contact an agent to clear this up since this is an account related matter and try o2 vouchers bought from big stores next time
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by: soberstudent
on: 05/06/2013 | 07:01



@robothepunk wrote:
no a giff gaff voucher im an ex royal marine not stupid .

noone said you was stupid, o2 vouchers work as well as giffgaff vouchers.
if you have tried since and it is still failing, contact at agent here
it can take up to 24 hours for a response so please be patient. Smiley Happy


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