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transfer to another sim

Started by: joannedonnachie18
On: 22/12/2015 | 16:01
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by: joannedonnachie18
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:01
Want to close my current number then swap my number (I have a spare sim card)
Will my full account with goody bag to ocur on Jan 2016 and will all my credit be transferred to new sim I got I'm cupboard
How do I do it NOW
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by: amsza
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:02 edited: 22/12/2015 | 16:03

After SIM swap your number, credits and goodybag will remain same. SIM swap usually take 30 minutes but sometime it may take 24 hours for activation.


perform SIM swap by following link

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by: jondy
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:04 edited: 22/12/2015 | 16:07

Hi. You can keep your current sim and request a new number. That way your goodybag and other account details will stay the same except for the phone number. You can request a new number in the "profile and settings" under the "my giffgaff" heading. Where your number shows, there is a change link at the end to that line.


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by: johngould
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:05
Sim swap will transfer your phone number and account to a new sim -
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by: joannedonnachie18
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:09
I think is not a sim swap I want
I want to close my number I have got now but want to get a new number then transfer all my credit over from old number is this possible
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by: b_potts94
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:38
Just do a Simple simswap by clicking the link below
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by: johngould
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:42
Hi, @joannedonnachi you can change your number by logging in to your My Giffgaff account page. Click on Change Number.
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by: sudeepshe
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:45 edited: 22/12/2015 | 16:47

Hello Joanne,

In your case I'd suggest you to swap your sim card and get the same number, so that you can get your goodybag. Once you receive the goodybag, you can change the number on the same sim by contacting an giffgaff agent from here: 


You can swap the sim from here:

Incase you're unable to do a SIM swap from the above link then contact an Ask and Agent 
and give them the below details:

- 19 digit of the SIM number which is at the back of the SIM card
- Activation code of the spare SIM (they will swap it for You)

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