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transferring SMS messages to a Nokia Lumia 800?

Started by: ukdangerous
On: 17/01/2012 | 13:44
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by: ukdangerous
on: 17/01/2012 | 13:44



I have a Nokia 5800 xpressmusic and have just managed to transfer all messages, contacts etc to the Nokia suite, so I now have them backed up (this in part was due to the fact that I am going from a normal sized sim to a micro-sim as this is what the Lumia 800 uses).


My question is (and I can't seem to find an answer online for): is there a way to transfer my messages to a Lumia 800 (I believe you are able to transfer contacts via Bluetooth and photos etc?).


Thanks in advance





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by: morvin
on: 17/01/2012 | 13:46
Don't think you can do it. Nokia Lumia will not support Nokia suite cause its a windows phone.
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by: haroondawjee
on: 17/01/2012 | 13:46
I don't this it's possible to do that but I may be wrong
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by: alweb
on: 17/01/2012 | 13:47

why dont you get yhour full size sim cut down to a micro sim from your local phone shop its about a £1 transfer your messages on to your sim before you get it cut down save you activating a new micro sim

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by: ya_2011
on: 17/01/2012 | 13:47
Don't think it will work mate

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by: rozina
on: 17/01/2012 | 13:50

you can do it Nokia lumid will not support nokia suite.

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by: ukdangerous
on: 17/01/2012 | 13:51

I am transferring my number from Orange, so I don't think this would work, unless I would be able to transfer my SMS to a GG normal-size sim and then get this cut-down?


Would this work?

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