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unknown numbers?

Started by: fm1995
On: 09/08/2012 | 23:31
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by: fm1995
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:31
One of my friends keeps on calling me with an unknown number. I don't want to block unknown numbers and I don't want the police involved. I just want to know is it possible to trace the unknown number?
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by: nosh
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:32
I don't think u can :/
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by: wowzaa
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:33
No sorry
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by: danthescan
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:33
You lost me
If its one of your friends then dont you already know who it is?
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by: jaydean38
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:34

No sorry

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by: rangie
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:34
Quick answer is no. Under UK law police would have to do it via the network carrier if u knew or suspected who it was.
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by: sam1128
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:34
Sorry it's not possible to trace that's why unknown number facility is in place if we could find the or trace than many companies will not pay for the service !

You can make your number unknown as well just add #31# before the number !


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by: radianjawadin
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:36
no i don't think there is but check it out in the app store and see if its there
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by: lo_ball
on: 09/08/2012 | 23:37

Not without getting the police involved I'm afraid

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