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Started by: nafila98
On: 09/12/2018 | 17:37
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by: nafila98
on: 09/12/2018 | 17:37

Hi ,

if somebody tries to call me the call goes to voicemail straight away and they can’t reach me and also I want claim my compensation for Thursday and Friday please coz I had to suffer through troubles 

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by: clikasarus
on: 09/12/2018 | 17:42
@nafila98 Hi welcome to giffgaff and the community

Please have a read of this thread here⬇️

I hope it helps
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by: endorphin
on: 09/12/2018 | 17:43

Hi @nafila98 try dialling ##002# which will cancel all diverts on your phone. As a last restort disable voicemail by dialling 1626.


giffgaff will be emailing you in due course regarding compensation - see here

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by: natty88
on: 09/12/2018 | 17:45

' @nafila98 check do not disturb or sleep mode or not enabled via call settings 


Or try dialling this into phone to cancel all diverts ##002# 


And check this complete guide to voicemail Remember it costs 8p per call from top up credit or one minute from goody bags minutes number to call is 443 for giffgaff voicemail services


Hopefully that helps out 

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by: hezp
on: 09/12/2018 | 18:39

Firstly, this might help:

For Voicemail Dial 443
To ENABLE voicemail, dial 1616
To DISABLE voicemail, dial 1626
For more info:​ur-voicemail/ta-p/3521085
While in the UK, EU and select countries:
You're charged differently for calls to voicemail depending on whether your calls come from airtime credit or from a goodybag allowance.
You have no goodybag or call allowance - 8p per call from Airtime credit.
You have a Goodybag with call allowance - Your goodybag minutes will reduce by 1 minute per call.
** To reset your voicemail PIN text RESET to 802443. You'll then receive a text with a temporary 5-digit PIN. Call the voicemail from your giffgaff phone to then enter a new PIN.
This is the current info. sent out by Giffgaff:
RE COMPENSATION: Click on this link to see what Giffgaff proposing:
Giffgaff are not obliged to offer any other compensation as you are not in a contract with them.
For info. The network outage was in Europe too & 32 million people involved.

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