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unwanted subscription

Started by: morecakeplease
On: 19/10/2017 | 17:59
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by: morecakeplease
on: 19/10/2017 | 17:59

Recieved at 10.30 today saying 

FreeMSG: Thank you fo subsribing to FunnyVideos for £4.50 every week from Remote Games Ltd until you text STOP to 83463 HELP 03300535843.

Please advise as this is nothing i have downloaded or subscribed to will it take money through my giffgaff account.



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by: tazzy19
on: 19/10/2017 | 18:17


You need to send stop to 83463 which requires 10p airtime credit

Or call them on 03300535843 which will use goodybag minutes.




It is important that you do send the STOP text or that you get them to unsubscribe you.


If you don't do so the messages will still be sent, using up any credit you have, and even if you don't have credit the charges will still be applied when you next add air time credit.


Simply blocking the number will not stop the texts or charges as they are charged at network level, blocking simply stops them appearing on your phone but you will still be charged


You can enter the 5 digit number here  to find alternative contact methods


See this thread  for more advice on how you became subscribed

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by: discoandrew
on: 19/10/2017 | 18:22

Hi there


I am sorry to read that you have received an unsolicited premium rate text message, which has deducted £ 4.50 airtime credit from your giffgaff account.  Unfortunately this is an issue that is affecting all mobile network operators, not just giffgaff.


For a giffgaff guide on the do's and don'ts regarding Premium text charges @morecakeplease, please click this link


Giffgaff advise that you text STOP to the shortcode message to prevent future charges (i.e. STOP to 83463) HELP 03300535843.  You'll need airtime credit to text a shortcode number


In addition to the above, please click the following link to be directed to Ofcom appointed website of the Phone-Paid Services Authority. This will give you guidance on what to do when you receive unexpected phone charges.


The Phone-Paid Services Authority regulate Controlled Premium Rate Services. The Phone-paid Services Authority regulates all premium rate service providers in the UK who have to abide by a Code of Practice. The Phone-paid Services Authority use this Code to make sure premium rate pricing, advertising and content is clear, honest and appropriate.


The Code covers all controlled premium rate call and text services. As well as 090, 091, 098 and 118 numbers it therefore also covers services on 087 numbers and usage of 070 Personal Numbers and calls and texts to mobile shortcodes.


The Phone-paid Services Authority is independent and free. They investigate all complaints about Controlled Premium Rate Services. They can fine companies, shut down services and prevent people from running similar services if they breach the Code.



The Phone-paid Services Authority can be contacted via:


Their website:

The helpline on: 0800 500 212

Letter to: Phone-paid Services Authority, Freepost, WC5468, London SE1 2BR

Textlink: 020 7407 3431 (for customers who are hard of hearing)

Give them all the information you can about the service you want to report – like the number or five-digit shortcode, where you saw the service advertised and what it said.


In the meantime, it is worth mentioning that Premium Rate services like this can only take money from any airtime credit (standard Pay-As-You-Go top-up) balance you have, so, it may be an idea to purchase a goodybag bundle instead, at least until you get this sorted.


You can also convert airtime credit into a goodybag too.  Please click the link below for a full step-by-step guide on how to purchase a goodybag from existing airtime credit.


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by: morecakeplease
on: 19/10/2017 | 18:25
I think your implying that i have clicked or downloaded a game or ad which i have not and never will these texts are a scam and you only have to google it to see it is. I think that giffgaff and other telecom compainies should not ignore the problem which has been around for a long time.
And that you should Block these services rather than blame your customers. If it happens again i will go else where
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by: tazzy19
on: 19/10/2017 | 18:31 edited: 19/10/2017 | 18:32


Not implying that you have clicked links but somewhere these companies have got your number.

giffgaff do not provide these  companies with your number.

giffgaff do not gain any benefit from these premium texts (except 10p for the stop message)


BTW if you do go elsewhere and take your number with you the charges will follow the number.

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by: morecakeplease
on: 19/10/2017 | 18:46
These Companies use software to scan millions of phone numbers and automatically send these sms messages to peoples phones.all you do is send everyone that requires help a link that is basically not helping anybody.
If i do go elsewhere i would change my number.
Just like to point out that this has never happened when i have been with any other Phone Company.
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by: morecakeplease
on: 19/10/2017 | 18:52
Thanks thats very Helpful
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