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using old contract phone as pay as you go

Started by: emmalouise94
On: 28/12/2013 | 00:05
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by: emmalouise94
on: 28/12/2013 | 00:05
My friend as iPhone 4s on o2 contract. She is upgradin to iPhone 5s.

If I buy her iPhone 4s can I pop my giffgaff pay as you go sim in and still use the phone as normal pay as you go??
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by: tamar1997
on: 28/12/2013 | 00:08

you can do this as the phone is from O2 there is no need to get it unlocked.

Hope this helped Smiley Happy
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by: tamar1997
on: 28/12/2013 | 00:09
And yes you can use it as pay as you go just put the giffgaff sim straight into the phone
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by: ayla_93
on: 28/12/2013 | 00:09
You should be able to. Why not test it first? A few people recently have reported problems with O2 phones, though I didn't have any with mine.
Also ask your friend to ask O2 to unlock the phone. They should do it for free as she's upgrading.
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by: mo2500
on: 28/12/2013 | 00:26
Yes you can indeed.
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by: crbnew
on: 28/12/2013 | 00:30
Yes you can! Just pop your sim in, change the apn and your good to go
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by: reddevils2012
on: 28/12/2013 | 00:30
Yea that would be ok as we run on o2 signal just get the settings by try texting settings to 2020 or see one off these links below

I phone -
I phone4/4s -
I phone5 -
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by: pwei94
on: 28/12/2013 | 07:28
Worth seeing if O2 will unlock it for free, and then test it first as well. All bases covered
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by: shaz14
on: 28/12/2013 | 11:23
Yes you can
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by: rakel13
on: 28/12/2013 | 14:06

yes this will work Smiley Happy 

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