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vt95 has a question about the HTC Desire 620 Refurbished

Started by: vt95
On: 29/07/2016 | 18:54
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by: vt95
on: 29/07/2016 | 18:54
It sais i have to order a goodubag though?
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by: lynda1962
on: 29/07/2016 | 18:57
@vt95, hi there, yes you will need to purchase the first goodybag for a month then you can use whatever sim or network you want, unless you are already a member with an active account with giffgaff.

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by: tinawilliams425
on: 29/07/2016 | 19:01

If you do not yet have an active simcard on your account, then yes, you will need to pay for a goodybag at time of purchase.  this is like a giffgaff sim activation fee like you would have to pay when buying a phone on PAYG from another network.  You do not need to pay for goodybags again unless you want to (after the first month). 


If you do already have an active giffgaff sim card, then ensure you are logged into that account and then you can buy phone without the goodybag (as you would already have a giffgaff sim active already, so no need to pay the sim activation fee)

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