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whats the network mep code~?

Started by: brumtownmusic
On: 13/04/2011 | 10:36
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by: brumtownmusic
on: 13/04/2011 | 10:36

i put the giff gaff sim into my blackberry and its asking for the network mep code? how do i get this? pls

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by: darrenpainter
on: 13/04/2011 | 10:37
This means your phone is locked to the original network that provided it. Only unlocked, sim free or o2 locked phones work with a giffgaff sim.

You need to get the phone unlocked, either via your old provider, or via another route such as buying a key from an internet site
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by: rudedog
on: 13/04/2011 | 10:39

It sounds like your Blackberry was locked to a different network and the MEP code is an unlock code for the Blackberry, You need to obtain this from a mobile unlocker.

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by: thesaint
on: 13/04/2011 | 10:41

Geti it unlocked from your'e old network or on ebay who are really cheap.

On a lot of nokias it's free+Orange sf is free.

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by: dijipoz
on: 13/04/2011 | 10:42
You need to get your phone unlocked

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by: owenmurr
on: 13/04/2011 | 10:46
you need to unlock the phone
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