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why cant i get the goodybag with my top up voucher

Started by: joyette24
On: 07/07/2012 | 11:49
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by: joyette24
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:49

i bought a topup voucher and wanted it to be for 10 pounds goodybag but when i activated it, i just got charged as pay as you go, which im not happy about, i could not get internet or anything, i got charged to make calls and recieve messages, and now i had to go and top up with my debit card while i still have the voucher credit left in the phone , i dont need all that, can giffgaff not take the credit balance and charge me the rest of the outstanding balance so i could get my goodybag with the credit i already have in my phone?, someone please help me out, thanx.

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by: jamie567
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:50

you can buy goddyabgs with voucher credit. just select to use airtime credit when ourchasing your goodybag

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by: spyder10
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:50
you have to buy the goodybag with your airtime credit
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by: smiler667
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:51 edited: 07/07/2012 | 11:52

using your credit u can redeem it as a goodybag





get in touch with a agent who should be able to assist u further. 

Contact an agent

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by: spyder10
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:51
Go here: and select
a goodybag to buy.
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by: joshuac2
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:51 edited: 07/07/2012 | 11:59

You need to buy the goodybag with your airtime credit. Goodybags are not free.


Follow these steps to buy a goodybag with your airtime credit

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Add to basket' under the goodybag you wish to purchase
  3. Make sure 'Pay with airtime credit' is ticked
  4. Press continue and confirm payment

The credit will be removed when the payment has gone through. GiffGaff will not let you pay half with airtime credit and half with another method. You must pay in full by one method.


You can also just use pay as you go rates, which are below.


Calls, texts, call forwarding and video calls to giffgaffFree
Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines (starting 01, 02, 03)10p per minute
Texts to other UK mobiles and landlines6p per text
Voice mail8p per call
Mobile Internet (up to 20MB)20p per day
Picture messages (MMS) to giffgaff and other mobiles (max 300KB)16p per MMS
Video calls to other mobiles50p per minute
Call forwarding to other mobiles and landlines10p per minute
Free phone numbers (starting 0800, 0808 & 0500)Free

You can view full pricing, including roaming by going to

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by: bertiebat
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:51 edited: 07/07/2012 | 11:54

No I'm sorry but you have to pay fully with either a card or credit.

You can't mix the 2 for payments.


However the extra credit is very useful for anything that isn't included in the goodybags and doesn't expire.  Smiley Happy

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by: piplisa
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:51

you go to top-up and get the goodybag and pay for it with you air time balance.

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by: solid247
on: 07/07/2012 | 11:54
If u have not got enough left to buy a goodybag u can top up by card if you think ahead top up by £15 then you will have airtime standing to by next months bag so u wont have a useless amount like £9.60 , u will only have £4.60 for calls that are not covered in the bag ect
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by: m9xx7demix
on: 07/07/2012 | 12:15
You need to use the voucher to buy the goodybag, so when you buy the bag, tick the box to pay with your airtime balance Smiley Happy
Kind regards, Mickey

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