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why giffgaff is network reception is worst inside than outdoor

Started by: ajayramjit
On: 24/02/2015 | 07:28
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by: maxheadroom1988
on: 24/02/2015 | 08:52

Vodafone's 3G coverage is just as bad as O2's, possibly even worse. Try an MVNO which runs on EE, or try 3. What phone are you using? If it's something like an iphone designed for bells & whistles you'll have poor reception. Sainsbury's Mobile runs on Vodafone, a cheaper/better option than Lebara.

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by: dugblare
on: 24/02/2015 | 08:54

Hi there

Signal strength can vary depending on weather conditions, your distance from a mast, and the location of any given building you're in, particularly if it's in a valley or behind a tree. A building's construction and any temporary structures, like cranes, can also affect the strength of the coverage you get.


You can download Opensignalmaps to see the performance of your local mast and the optimum location for best signal.


If you're still having signal problems, these tips might help you:


Try sitting near a window.

Try using your phone in a different room as some rooms get a stronger signal than others, depending on the thickness of the walls.

Try switching your phone off and back on again.

Make sure you have enough battery life as this can affect signal strength.

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by: nokia735
on: 24/02/2015 | 09:25
I have tried all of them ee,3,and Vodafone for there 4g signal all of them only gave me 1 to 2 bars and then drop back to 3g but Giffgaff/o2 always give me 4 to 5 bars and never drops back to 3g when using data I guess its the luck of the draw where you live or work signal wise
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by: ajayramjit
on: 02/10/2015 | 18:43
Thank you for all the support I received from the community.....cheerios
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by: natty88
on: 02/10/2015 | 19:36
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