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your network is sending automated queries

Started by: phillip_marsh
On: 30/11/2010 | 12:57
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by: phillip_marsh
on: 30/11/2010 | 12:57

I have atlast managed to get my iphone on the interent :-)




when i try to log onto Google im getting the following googel message



.... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries.

To protect our users, we cant process your request.










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by: johnnylager
on: 30/11/2010 | 13:03

I'd expect that sort of msg from google in response to a botnet or ddos attack?

Bizarre Smiley Surprised

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by: sammf
on: 30/11/2010 | 13:04
Sometimes, when you search very simlair search queries often, or those oftenly used by bots, you see this message.

Is it happening on every search no matter what you put?
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by: shutterbug
on: 30/11/2010 | 13:07

Google search works fine on my iPhone 4. It must be related to what you are searching for over a period of time, assuming you are getting that far.


Give us a bit more detail please...Smiley Wink

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by: glw
on: 30/11/2010 | 13:13

That message comes up when Google get a lot of traffic from an IP address or a range of IP addresses which may be symptomatic of a DOS attack. Sometimes these automated protections produce false positives, I've seen it before on a PC. Usually it will clear after a while.


Trouble connecting: Unusual traffic from your computer network

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by: neilmallon
on: 30/11/2010 | 15:10 edited: 30/11/2010 | 15:11

It will be worth recording the IP addresses that cause it.


Save the below link as a bookmark, whenever you see the message go to that bookmark and make a note of the IP address.  You can then send the IP address(es) to giffgaff, they will be able to contact Google and get the IPs whitelisted.


This link shows your current IP address as presented to the Google (and any other) servers at that time





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by: aaabzx3
on: 30/11/2010 | 15:22

try disabling automatic connection in settings...

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