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How to use your phone abroad

Have a problem with your service or phone? Chances are someone will have already asked about it, and if not our community will be happy to answer all your questions.

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giffgaff TV

giffgaff's Youtube channel is called giffgaff TV and there are some awesome videos made by members hosted there. This idea is to turn into a real link so you can go straight to youtube without spending minutes typing and searching for the channel. Instead, in the URL, put in and boom you're at the giffgaff youtube channel in a flash.


Topup via PayPal

With topping up via PayPal already on the horizon we still want to hear your thoughts and comments on the idea. You can check out the idea here and tell us your thoughts and support the idea for regular updates.


A giffgaff ‘buddy’ for newcomers

It's a big, confusing world out there when you're new! Often you don't know anything or anyone when you start somewhere new. The solution is to have every new giffgaff member be able to choose to have a 'buddy'. Does this sound exciting to you? Find out more here.